Ana Mireles

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I am a photographer and artistic researcher.

I studied photography in Mexico City, my home town; Cultural Studies and Management at Claustro de Sor Juana University also in Mexico; and I did my Masters degree in Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam focusing on image-based identities on social media.

I have participated in exhibitions in Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands, both single exhibits and group shows. For more about this please visit http://apmireles.wix.com/anamirelesphoto

I am passionate about art and photography. Here you can find some of my commercial work for sale. The photographs are showcased in galleries according to different discourses I am proposing with them but I believe that images can have different readings so I hope that you can find your own interpretation and use them in a way that they can reflect your own personality.

I hope you enjoy my work and leave some comments about it.


Sunset from the top of the Etna by Ana Mireles


Sit back and enjoy by Ana Mireles


Contemplation by Ana Mireles


This is not a bench by Ana Mireles


Courtyard by Ana Mireles


Under the Bridge by Ana Mireles