I miei progetti artisticigirano intorno al rapporto tra l'immagine, la cultura e l'identità. Le mie opere sono state esposte in Messico, Spagna, Paesi Bassi e Italia avendo partecipato in mostre sia individuali sia collettive. Come ricercatrice artistica spesso i miei progetti sono acompagnati di un lavoro teorico. Qui trovi un elenco di progetti selezionati, in caso di essere interessato ad approfondire o collaborare vai alla pagina di contatto.



2019 Individuale "Carcere dei Sogni", Milano Photo Week, Santeria, Milano

2019 Colletive “Profughi” Casa Museo Spazio Tadini, Milano

2015 Colletive “Amongst Ghosts and Robots”, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

2014 Colletive “Day of the Death. Celebrate Life”, Mixtup Project, Amsterdam

2014 Colletive “Excuse the Interruption”, pop-up exhibition, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

2012 Colletive “Liquid identities”, Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento in Bragora, Venezia, Italia

2012 Colletive “Punctum”, fermate di trasporto pubblico, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

2010 Colletive “La Calle: domicilio conocido”, La Maga Cafe, Cuernavaca, México.

2009 Colletive La Chica Plástica (La donna plastica), Fotoseptiembre, Fundazione Hector García, México.

2009 Individuale, Sinapsis, UCSJ (Universitá dal Chiostro di Sor Juana), México.

2008 Individuale Convenciones Arbitrarias, UCSJ (Universitá dal Chiostro di Sor Juana), México.

2004 Individuale Placari 9:1, Galeria Guillermo Kahlo, Casa de Cultura Reyes Heroles, México.


Premi e riconoscimienti


2014 Amsterdam Merit Scholarship, Universiteit van Amsterdam

2013 Amsterdam Merit Scholarship, Universiteit van Amsterdam

2011 Premio per ricerca accademica della Universitá del Chiostro di Sor Juana

2010 Premio Los Ojos del Tiempo 2011

2010 Premio Rendija 2011

2009 Premio ai progetti degli studenti della Universitá del Chiostro di Sor Juana 2008 Premio ai progetti degli studenti della Universitá del Chiostro di Sor Juana

2007 Finalista  dal concorso Fotomontajes, Reader's Digest

2006 Primo posto nel concorso “Qué nos dicen los niños? (Cosa dicono i bambini?)”  Save the Children International

2005 Secondo posto nel concorso “Una niñez sin violencia (Una infanzia senza violenza)”, Save the Children International


Teoria fotografica


2012 Conferenza: Analisi di testi sulla fotografia posmoderna,  Colloquium da ricerca dell’Universitá del Chiostro di Sor Juana

2012 Scritora da Fijaciones (Fissazioni), colonna settimanale di reflessione fotografica, Kaleidoscopio, rivista d’arte.

2012 Sea la vida, sea la muerte, sea el presente… la relación entre fotografía y muerte (Sia la vita, sia la morte, sia il presente… la relazione tra fotografia e morte), Articolo nella rivista Kaleidoscopio


Kaleidoscopic Self


5 min. image based video loop


Working with a collection of screenshots from Tinder profiles and incorporating extracts from real interactions, the piece aims to explore online image-based identities.


Dreams' Jail

Where is the line between sanity and insanity? Between reality and delusion? Between care and surveillance? Between me and the other? Dreams' Jail is a visual compositions of the many voices shared in abandoned buildings such as psychiatric hospitals. Built to keep the undesired out of sight, this project aims to dilute borders bringing the inside to the outside and combining the remains from former patients to current interventions.




Roman Gubern states that visual perception has a space dimension, due to the extension of the forms that are traversed by the saccadic movements of sight, and a temporal dimension as well, because of the duration of the exploratory swipe or sequential analysis made by sight. Since Mexico City is one of the most populated cities of the world, we found ourselves inside crowds running from one place to another without time to stop and observe. As a result, our minds cannot process all the stimulus remaining only small pieces fused in our memories creating images of places that can only exist in our minds.

gallery/sta catalina final copia

Convenciones Arbitrarias

This series born from the reflection postulated by Michel Foucault in Les mots et les choses about the signified associated to the signifier that, even though they are unique to every person, they are also influenced by the culture that surrounds us. These montages are based on ten classical representations of saints chosen arbitrarily considering that occidental culture was mainly determined by the Catholic Church that determined the iconography of pictorial representation on the Council of Trent. Today, we are marked by the Internet, which is why every saint is intervened by the first ten images provided by Google when I looked for every saint attribute.