Roman Gubern states that visual perception has a space dimension, due to the extension of the forms that are traversed by the saccadic movements of sight, and a temporal dimension as well, because of the duration of the exploratory swipe or sequential analysis made by sight. Since Mexico City is one of the most populated cities of the world, we found ourselves inside crowds running from one place to another without time to stop and observe. As a result, our minds cannot process all the stimulus remaining only small pieces fused in our memories creating images of places that can only exist in our minds.
Synapse has been exhibited in:
2016  “Visualizing Contested Cities”, collective digital exhibition as part of the congress Contested Cities, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.
2014 “Day of the Death. Celebrate Life”, collective exhiition, Mixtup Project, Amsterdam, NL.
2012 “Liquid identities”, colelctive exhibition, Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento in Bragora, Venice, Italy.
2010 “La Calle: domicilio conocido”, collective exhibition, La Maga Cafe, Cuernavaca, Mexico.
2009 “Sinapsis”, Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Mexico City, Mexico.
Synapse has been featured in:
2016 Sinapsis. Dossier. Cilc.He Webmagazine di Fotografia e Realta Visuale. Available here.
2010, La Calle: domicilio conocido, collective book, Ediciones Clandestino

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